A R G E N T I N A               A D R E N A L I N E   A D V E N T U R E

Fallow Deer
This specie was introduced to Argentina in the early 20th century. Its background goes back to Europe in the Mediterrean area. It is a robust animal averaging 100 to 120 kg. Its antlers drop off and renew annually and can reach a length of 60 to 65 cm. The Fallow deer moves slowly but at times it will gallop and when in danger jump with great agility.
The hunting season generally starts at beginning of March and ends at the end of August.
Fire arms: 30.06 Springfield, 30.07 -7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum

Axis Deer
This deer is an exotic species originated in India. Brought to Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century when rapidly spread along the Province of Buenos Aires and to the open Pampas later on. It is an animal that forms groups of 5-10 although larger herds have been seen. Due to its tropical origin, some Axis Deer maintain its antlers all year round and will change the antlers annually with no specific periods. This beautiful deer can weigh up to 100kg and 90cm of height.
The best time to hunt this deer is from November to March while it has its antlers.
Fire arms: 30.06 Springfield, 30.07 -7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum

Black Buck
This variety of antelope was introduced into Argentina at the beginning of 1900. They are from the open plains and find in the characteristics of our Pampas, pastures, and climate an excellent habitat with optimum conditions to prosper. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant ruminants. In height it can reach 80 cm and weigh of 35 to 50 kilos. The hunting season is open all year round. The antelope hunt thrills many hunters, testing their experience and their quick marksmanship.
Fire arms: 270 Winchester, 7 mm Remington Magnum

Brown Brocket Deer
The Brown Brocket Deer belongs to a native family of deer in Argentina. This small deer with weigh between 8 to 25 kilos and has short hair and brown in color. The males have a pair of horns about 12cm. long. Their defense is a speedy flight, jump with agility and run a great speed and stop dead, immobilized, observing with their big eyes making a very difficult trophy.
The hunting season is from May to August and this particular specie likes open spaces.
Fire arms: 6 mm, 6.5 mm and 243 Winchester

White Lipped Peccary
The white lipped peccary leaves in herds of up to 100 animals. Its common name refers to a characteristic white marking that is not only limited to its lips but extends over all the lower jaw and sometimes reaches the throat, contrasting with the rest of its coat. It reaches one meter in length and 50 to 55 cm in height. At first they seem defenseless but their lips hide a pair of tusks that are terrific daggers. It has great agility and astuteness, it is fast and quick and a good swimmer. The hunting season is all year round.
Fire arms: 30.30 Winchester, 308 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield, 44.40 Winchester

Collared Peccary
The name collared peccary is given for its whitish or entirely white band more or less marked around the base of its neck. They live in more or less numerous herds adapting to any kind of terrain that offers them adequate refuge and protection. Their body length is around 80 to 85 cm and a height approximately 50cm. Their tusks are very sharp and their superior tusks are pointed downwards. The hunting season is all year round.
Fire arms: 30.30 Winchester, 308 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield, 44.40 Winchester

European Wild Boar
This European boar is omnivorous, that means that its diet is both vegetable and animal, it is not a ruminant. The exotic species was introduced in Argentina at the beginning o the 20th century. An adult male can weigh up to 200 kilograms and the female from 80 to 120 kilograms. The wild boar does not have a fear of man, and its huge tusks making it a mortal enemy, probably the most dangerous for the hunter in Argentina, making it an important trophy owing to its ferocity. The hunting season is all year round.
Fire arms: 308 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield 7 mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum

Wild Goat
The Feral Goat, also known as “Feral Goat”, is a mammal. They are of medium height, 60-70 cm and a weigh around of 55 kilos. They are covered with rather long hair, specially the lower part of their head and throat. Their horns are long and outwards. This open structure or separation in the adult specimens is a characteristic of the Argentinean trophies. The introduction of this species in Argentine goes as back to the 16th century. The hunting season is open year round but most common from mid March to December.
Fire arms: 7 mm Remington Magnum, 270 Winchester

European Mouflon 
Named Mouflon in Germany they are also known as Alpine Sheep. They are originated from the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. The average height is 70 cm and up to 90 cm. The most developed mouflons can weigh up to 50 kilos. The trophy consists of a pair of rough and solid horns, curved like a half moon that can measure 60-79 cm on a good specimen. The trophies are magnificent, of a considerable volume and of a brilliant black color. Hunting season is all year round.
Fire arms: 270 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield, 7 mm Remington Magnum

Multi Horned Ram
The ram usually has four large horns which may grow in any direction. It also has a variety of colors, including several shades o black, gray and brown. The ram is generally 86 cm high, females weighing 45-57 kilos and males 54-80 kilos, is wooly and short tailed. As the rest of the sheep and goats the hunting season is year round but mainly from arch to December.
Fire arms: 7 mm Remington Magnum, 308 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield