A R G E N T I N A               A D R E N A L I N E   A D V E N T U R E

Welcome to Añuritay Ranch, the only place in South America with the opportunity to hunt 17 different Record Book species in a single location, without the need to transfer from ranch to ranch. Anuritay has more entries in the SCI Record Book than any other outfitter in South America. We’ve had 100% success in the last 15 years!

At a minimum, we guarantee a Record Book trophy, otherwise you hunt another FREE! Be sure to check out our VIDEOS

Anuritay holds 352 trophies in the 2002 Record Book from which 62 are in the Top Ten. Within the Top Ten, 15 are # 1 from South America from which 6 are World Records such as Lipped Pecari, Collar Pecari, Brocket Deer, Wild Boar, Cougar and Capibara.
We are projecting for the 2003 Record Book 450 trophies and 80 in the Top Ten approximately.